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A Greater Britain

Been ages, hasn’t it. Being a teacher fills up ones calendar somewhat, but then along comes an event to light a fire beneath you.

Some are born Great, some achieve Greatness, and some have Greatness thrust upon them.

I voted Remain, but after flip-flopping a few times and still not thinking that the EU was in any way perfect. The rest of the country, however, didn’t, and now we’re all waiting for a member of the Tory party to press the button the leave the EU.

I feel, however, energised. I was elected as a minor official of a regional branch of the Greens at the start of the week and feel like now there is so much to do.

We must accept the decision of the country to vote Leave, in the highest UK-wide turnout election for almost 2 decades.
We must make it known that the country are not all racist. That immigrants enrich the lives of communities up and down the country, and are welcomed by tens upon tens of millions of us.
We must oppose racist actions wherever they are encountered, in order to demonstrate that the country this morning contains the same people who lived here last week, and that we are still one of the most tolerant countries in the world.
We must stop calling anyone voting Leave a racist, bigot or idiot. The working class have been let down by the political system and decades of patronising politics from left and right towards ordinary people must end.
We must make it known that ignoring the protest vote against Westminster that was the EU referendum cannot be considered. If it looks bad at the minute I believe that only violence will follow such a profoundly anti-democratic move.
We must make it known that the EU citizens we all know are still welcome in this country, that we are still a country that needs links with the rest of this continent and will be an active player in the economic and political future of this continent.
We must form an active and united movement on the left drawing together activists from all manner of parties to push forwards on Lexit. I didn’t want Lexit but now that the nettle is in front of us it must be grasped.
We must accept that Scotland is no longer sharing in the future of England, and allow them to civilly end the partnership we once had. It has not had its opinion reflected in a UK election for more than a decade now, and should not be forced to stay.

Don’t just sit on your ass
Dreaming of a better day better way
Such a shame
Liberate yourself, your mind mankind
Take that feeling that’s deep inside and MAKE IT REALITY



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