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I want to be a Serious Organised Criminal

Each social medium I join goes through similar cycles, obviously. I am roughly consistent in my personality over time, after all. So the blog must now reach the stage where I post Mark Thomas’ Serious Organised Criminal radio show.

However, in a break from tradition of posting it with no thoughts of my own, lets wander through a theory of mine that I have recently been thinking about;

This show is the greatest piece of Art produced in Britain since 11th September.

The basis for this is probably my opinion of the most important purpose of art; Art is important when it represents the world around us, and makes us think differently about that world.  Mark’s show is a wonderful thing for non-political people to watch, in order to give them a little insight into the problems of Westminster since 11th September. However, from a purely personal point of view, it allows me to re-watch a campaign that succeeded; the limited protest aspects of SOCPA have been repealed. Movements which try and give freedoms back to citizens within the past decade have won. It is important I remember that fact when I take in the daily-depression-log that is The News.

In a wider sense, this is part of Mark’s appeal to me; his work shows the way that a smiling, friendly figure can do incredibly powerful performance art by showing legislation allows children to be arms dealers, driving tanks into a drive-thru, and getting senior figures in dictatorships to admit to killings.

My favourite thing about these shows is that he manages to empathise with people who are performing actions he despises. He works fully within the law to underline just how corrupt and unhuman those laws are. He draws laughter from some of the worst situations I can imagine.

He also seems to have achieved the life that I want to live; living happily at something honest and creative.
And rambling.
What a life!



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