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Re-Greening the Black Country

Green Party conference starts today, and if you looked at the politics sections of the Guarniad and Independent you’d think nothing was happening. Even better, when I looked at their agenda for the conference at Aston University I saw that they are organising a walking tour of Birmingham guided by a local historian on Saturday. Someone loves ya, Brummagem.

The opening speech was about so many wonderful things I’m just gonna link to it here 
If you wonder if you should be voting Green, do yourself a favour and check out Vote For Policies, which not only said I agreed with the Greens on over 75% of their policies, but that they were pretty much neck-and-neck with Labour in my part of Sandwell. Sandwell! Admittedly you would say that the sample they are using is unlikely to be representative of the entire population, but my back-of-the-fag-packet calculations suggest the sample they’re using has to be more than 500 to get those kind of rounded percentages. That’s not a sample to be sniffed at in one Parliamentary seat.

Oh Greens, I think I’m falling in love with you again.

My positive recommendation for what people should do? Find out who represents what you think by using the Vote For Policies site, and help them out somehow in the build up to the next election. Scotland seem to be rather enjoying all this democratic-involvement they’ve been allowed up their, don’t they? Lets have some of that.



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