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Shameless plug time

Not a plug for Shameless, although the first few seasons are definitely worth watching for a rounded picture of millennial Working Class culture.

Instead I’m plugging the charity work I’m doing by walking 26 miles next Sunday, in order to raise money for Magi 4 Afrika. I’m helping to organise it (though I’ve turned more into a backseat ideas-man due to limit shifts over the summer) mainly because during my first couple of weeks at the pub the landlord asked me if I wanted to help do a charity event.

Of course I did.

Now I’ve been out of teaching for a while I think what I’m trying to do is turn my life into a little low-carbon, local-living example of anarchism in action. Bearwood is a place sitting (demographically) right at the crossroads of the working class and the hippies without anyone bandying the word gentrification about (long may it continue) and the longer I can stay living and working within the community the better.
Here’s hoping that within the next 5 years WeAreBearwood have transformed into a means of organising workers to take control the means of production in all local businesses. Only kidding…




In the mean time; educate yourself about Magi 4 Afrika. We’re lovely people and all our proceeds are going to either local businesses to give us the food-fuel for the walk, or straight to WaterAid, who have been getting awesome press thanks to people considering the waste of water that the Ice Bucket Challenge could be. Once you’re happy with our credentials please donate to WaterAid using this link, as that way it will show up as being for the Magi 4 Afrika cause.

My thanks to everyone who’s still reading these, and who will help us get a bit closer to our overall goal with this event.

Image stolen shamelessly from rights holders at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/shameless/profiles/all/veronica-ball



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