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Positively positivity

I had a very interesting povvo holiday last week with a former colleague, at his parents’ house in Pembrokeshire. The family patriarch hated Marxism-Feminism vehemently (he did conjoin them) but was willing to cater for a vegan feminist socialist for a week while I went down for some wild camping. I like to think we were both testing our tolerances of alien concepts.

His main grievance with The Left was our tendency to deconstruct without creating anything in its place. This, he said, led to the collapse of the social fabric as in post-revolutionary France, post-revolutionary USSR, post-Saddam Iraq (allowing that deconstructionists on the right were just as susceptible to its problems)…

As much as one might get into arguments about the precise problems of what led to the death of hope in the examples he gave, I think it must be worth accepting the point of the argument. It is really a different thing to say that; 

vegans don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs, fish, honey…
vegans always eat plants and fungi.

Because one of them gives a positivity that the other doesn’t. It’s a tiny something that matters when convincing others of the worthiness of that lifestyle.

So, in response to a critique from a retired military officer who hates feminists and thinks not eating meat is ridiculous, but was very nice about it, I will in future try and frame everything positively in future.

Don’t look but see
Be aware cos shit ain’t the way it has to be

Book cover from a real book (!) taken from http://davidagranoff.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/vegan-revolution-with-zombies-cover-art.html



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